NEXT GENERATION GROUP – a database of Young Professionals engaged with ASEAN

The ASEAN New Zealand Business Council is pleased to announce the formation of a “Next generation Strategy Group” as part of its ongoing programme to broaden its association with the ASEAN Nations.
The ANZBC recognizes the reality that many of the ASEAN Nations have significant levels of population under the age of thirty. Therefore if we are to engage positively and successfully with the Asean Nations in the coming years, it is imperative that we must establish a link with young professionals in New Zealand who come from the same generation, and by doing so lay the groundwork and increase the understanding of the role of organizations like the ANZBC and their value in promoting business, cultural and trade ties between the ASEAN Nations and New Zealand.Asean Trade Stats ASEAN org nz

The inaugural group of participants has been formed from a selection of high quality young professionals that have a diverse reach over as many relevant sectors as possible. We are confident that this group will provide a platform for them to bring a fresh youthful perspective to the continuing development of relations between New Zealand and the ASEAN Regions “ASEAN Economic Community”.

Members of the group will form a database of Young Professional interested and active in the ASEAN region.  The ASEAN NZ Business Council can then engage and assist the group in creating new and exciting contacts and projects across ASEAN.  Participants in the group are from wide ranging industries; banking, accounting, engineering, hard manufacturing, education.

If you have any questions on the NGSG or how you can become involved, please contact ANZBC Director, Liz Bell.