“The Augen Software Group has been interested in ASEAN markets since 1997, formally engaged in activities since 2004 and an active member of the ANZBC for many years. We have found this organisation, its people and notably its networks – both domestic and in ASEAN countries – invaluable for staying connected, understanding areas of opportunity, and exploring synergies with other companies and business entrepreneurs. If you are interested in business with ASEAN markets then you should seriously consider joining ANZBC.”

Mitchell Pham, Augen Software

“The ASEAN New Zealand Business Council is the peak business body in New Zealand for links with South East Asia. Since 1998 the ANZBC has been raising awareness among the New Zealand business community about the 10 ASEAN countries and supporting two-way business engagement with this dynamic region, working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and other partners. ASEAN represents an increasingly important market for New Zealand, recognised in the Government’s ASEAN Strategy (2013), while the ASEAN Australia New Zealand Free Trade Agreement and the current negotiation of a Regional Comprehensive Economic help create new opportunities for business and investment in both directions. I commend the ANZBC’s efforts to build stronger business links with ASEAN and welcome this new website as an improved tool for connecting businesses and people. I hope that the ANZBC’s membership will grow strongly and that members will work to advance beneficial ties with one of the world’s most dynamic regions”.

David Taylor

New Zealand Ambassador to Indonesia & ASEAN