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The Association of South East Asian Nations

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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was founded by five S.E. Asian countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand in 1967. By 1999, they had been joined by Brunei, Viet Nam, Lao, Myanmar, and Cambodia.
ASEAN’s purpose is to accelerate economic growth, social progress, cultural integration, regional peace and stability in the region. It seeks to foster economic integration by creating a stable, prosperous and highly competitive ASEAN economic region in which there is a free flow of goods, services, investment and a freer flow of capital, equitable economic development and reduced poverty and socio-economic disparities by the year 2020.


The ASEAN Business Advisory Council was established in 2003 to link the private sector into the work of ASEAN Click here to read more about this vibrant entity.

ASEAN Economic Community –  AEC

The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is the key goal for regional economic integration by all ASEAN economies by the end of 2015. AEC envisage that there will be: (a) a single market and production base, (b) a highly competitive economic region, (c) a region of equitable economic development, and (d) a region fully integrated into the global economy.
ASEAN Ministers developed a comprehensive blueprint to reach the target of AEC by 2015. The blueprint is found here:

It is questionable, as 2015 marches closer, whether the target is still realistic for all ASEAN economies.

ASEAN Statistics

Secretary General

The Secretary-General of ASEAN 2013 -2017 is H.E. Le Luong Minh from Viet Nam.

ASEAN Secretariat
Established on 24 February 1976

Combined Population
625,000,000 approx (2014 est)

ASEAN Exports

US$ 1,270,467,000 (approx.) 2014 est

ASEAN Imports

US$1,239,660,000 (approx.) 2014 est

ASEAN Exports to NZ

NZ$7,795,000 (2013 est)

Main Exports to NZ

Petroleum oils, vehicles, computers, telephones

ASEAN Imports from NZ

NZ$ 4,791,000 (2013 est)

Main Imports from NZ

Dairy, meat, forest products

ASEAN Australia New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA)


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