Hayden Montgomerie

Hayden Montgomerie, of Wellington, is a Consultant to international organisations, leveraging off his experience representing NZ at UNESCO for seven years in the area of Education. After 12 years in the public sector Hayden took leave to complete a Master of Business Administration in Thailand, as a New Zealand Prime Minister’s Scholar for Asia. He researched the role of intermediaries in increasing the utilisation rates of FTA agreements by SMEs.

Hayden is well versed in ASEAN, and maintains a wide network of connections across ASEAN, but especially in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos. Hayden is a senior member of the Asia New Zealand Leadership Network having represented them offshore in Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and India over the past decade. He is engaged with participants in the ASEAN Young Business Leaders Initiative, and volunteers as a conversation partner for ASEAN officials studying English on the ELTO Programme at VUW. Hayden is motivated by the opportunity to build on the work done by ANZBC with the Next Generation Group to increase the engagement of younger New Zealanders with ASEAN through the ANZBC in order that they may see the business opportunities more clearly.

Hayden is a member of the Institute of Directors and experienced in performing governance roles. Currently Hayden is Deputy Chair of the Aotearoa Youth Leadership Institute, a Trustee of the NZ Youth Global Awareness Trust, and Trustee of the We The People Foundation. Hayden was appointed by the Governor General as a Justice of the Peace in 2014.