ASEAN Business Alliance

What is the ASEAN Business Alliance?

  • The ABA is a network consisting of local NZ chambers / associations in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand, Myanmar.
  • The ABA provides reciprocal memberships rights to each partner organisation.  So if you are a member of the ASEAN New Zealand Business Council, then you are have access to the benefits of each of the other local organisations, e.g. Vietnam.
  • ABA will encourage increased connection between the chambers by sharing events / speakers, discussing issues and shared learning between chambers to potentially develop regional strategies.


Why have the ASEAN Business Alliance?

  • New Zealand has very limited resources off-shore, and the ABA provides the opportunity for these resources to be better connected and coordinated, and to build stronger connections with local NZ embassies and NZTE resources, where applicable.
  • The ABA can provide support to SME’s trying to break into ASEAN markets, and these SME’s can reach out to the local chambers to gain in-sights about the market, and utilise existing local networks to build and develop business opportunities.
  • Many SME’s fall below NZTE F700 radar, so for those SME’s the ABA could provide that support.
  • Provides links for NZ companies to ASEAN, and links between the ASEAN economies that our members can leverage.


What’s in it for me?

As a Member you get:

  • Linked In (NZ ASEAN Business Alliance)
  • Market summaries – practical tips for setting up and maintaining a business
  • Digital events, shared across the region from Q1 2019
  • Special Interest Groups, linking up members across the region in areas of common interest – Maia Group has just started with more to come e.g. Human Resources, F&B, Tech, Education, etc
  • Annual Conference with member related events (business networking / matching)


Just contact the Secretariat – the ASEAN New Zealand Business Council – to learn more and to access the regional networks